Palestinian issues[2]

What I will introduce is about the cause of the Palestinian problem.
Originally, the Arab people who lived in Palestine, not the Jews, but the British cause.

Palestinian problem was the UK! What?

During the First World War, the UK had a war with the Ottoman Empire
As Britain struggled hard, he urged Jews to cooperate.
Then the UK said to the Jews:
Build a country there. "When.

Declaration of Balfour in 1917 (Declaration that the British acknowledged to build a Jewish state in Palestine after World War)  ↓
However, ↓ In 1916 he decided to internationalize Israel in the UK, Russia and France. Sykes Nipiko Agreement
↓ In 1915 Britain struggled with the war with the Ottoman Empire and told the Arabs who lived in Israel, "If we cooperate in the war, we will recognize the exclusive right of Israel."

As a result, the British won the Ottoman Empire, so the Jews steadily moved to Israel.
People steadily moved to Israel. A dispute with the Arabs who originally lived was to happen.

The British were doing three inconsistent things.

Yeah. The UK has made many countries mislead.

Hina, did you understand about the Palestinian problem with this?
I will introduce the "Middle East War" which is now involved with this Palestinian problem