Palestinian issues[1]

Palestinian refugees

Refugees called Palestinian refugees are the largest group of refugees in the world.
So it is so important that you can not avoid passing it to study refugee problems.

1 · Place
Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, etc.

2, Number of damaged refugees
approximately 5,870,000
( Yuan 1,000,000 people, Gaza 1.44 million, Jordan 2.22 million Syria 620,000 people, Lebanon 530,000)

3.Refugee overview
Refugee destinations to Lebanon and Syria, Gaza

4.Refugee situation
Outline of refugees Many refugees live in refugee camps in a state of statelessness The Palestinian refugees were born by the "resolution of division of the United Nations Palestine" in 1947 .

"Resolution of division of the United Nations Palestine" is

To give 57% to the minority Jewish residents who have newly arrived at the Palestinian territory 43% to majority Arab residents living for a long time. Palestinian refugees are composed of this Arab ethnic group.

Palestinian conflict

Palestine (about 6020 km)

Born damage to Palestine refugees

3.Refugee destinations
Go Lebanon, Syria, to Gaza

4. Cause of conflict
Originally Jews lived in Israel, but they fell on blessed land The Jews got angry with God, and destroyed their country.

Then Arabs will live in Israel prospering.
The Jews strongly argue (Zionism) that they want to regain the land that
God gave that they used to live in the past.
Jewish vs Arabs