A world spreading just by knowing


Reason for creating the site

We recently,look at the news that refugee problems are being handledd frequently,
and we are interested in something about refugee problem.So we decided to look for refugee problems.
Initially we thought it was a prpblem in distant places.
But step by step,we started thinking that is there anything students can do to solve problems?.
There,if many people look at our site,
What should we do?
Thinking like this.So even if only slightly, We wish we could contribute to soving the refugee problem.Then we made this site.

How to view the site

There is no fixed route in particular.Hoever, you can turn this site with the arrow mark at the bottom right of each page.
And you can go back to the previous page from the back button at the bottom left of each page.
you can also move to Japanese page from the Japanese button on the upper left.
But please note that the English version page is only for the home and the summary page.

Recommended environment

・Each browser latest bersion
・Turn on JavaScript