A world spreading just by knowing

Characteristics of refugees in each region

Middle East

"Difference of religion" Oh ....
Unlike physical problems, it is difficult because it is a matter of mind.

That's right. Is it necessary for mutual
understanding that took time to solve? ...

They have no place to live with what I eat. ..! You can not live!

It is true, is not it !!
Moreover, if it is refused entry into the country,
it lives with both fear unknown when it is killed and anxiety that may cause starvation death *

I bet that the mind and body are limits ....


Somehow, Europe was difficult.

Political problems and so on are complicatedly related.

But, even though we felt like I could understand the feelings of
those who would like to be independent due to the disparity

I also feel a disparity in the merit of Mizuki or violet head!

Even if you do, you will not be smart.

Gusahu ...! If there is no such thing as
a ceasefire or a war is over, I feel
that the problem is solved,
but it is not so.

I need continuous support to keep my eyes
on even after topicality got rid of me.