A world spreading just by knowing

Features of refugees in each area

In each region, there are many refugees

Yeah. But in three areas the background and the things I am in trouble at all are quite different.

There are lots of examples and I can not remember it, so I made a note! I made it into a table because it is easy to understand if it is a table!
I made it into a table because it`s easy to uaderstand.


  Background Trouble Response of each country
Africa Battle over the resource and border. Greater proverty The number of refugees has incrsed and support has not kept up.
Middle East Ethnic flight due to differences in religion. Housing and food shortage. Number of refugees refused eaty.
Europe Independence motivation by regional disparity. The living environment during the ceasefire and after the eventuak event. Out of concern,found shortage.


It seems that we are not familiar with Africa's 'border battle'.

A clear and clear border is decided in Europe and the island country like Japan.

As colonialization is repeated,
I wonder where it is clear where the border is?

It is a big problem, "refugees getting worse".

surely. Conflict has arisen due to the fighting of
resources by funds because it is poor ...

it will become even poorer by that ....
This is just a negative loop ....

Will it be the cause of poverty getting serious like that "
support can not keep up with the dramatic increase in the number of refugees?"

Oh, certainly. If I can save it from poverty,
it seems to help us cut off the negative loop.